Healthcare with Cigna School Care CDHP is now in Year 8!  Want to earn an extra $800?

Please log into the member password-protected Contract and Resources page to access information and documents pertaining to this change.  The Good For You Wellness program is so easy way to earn extra money!  Subscribers are eligible for up to $800 in reimbursements a year, and spouses can earn $400!  If you are not taking advantage of this, ask around to see who in your building can show you the ropes or email an Executive Board member to get some assistance with this.  Don’t lose cash that belongs in your pocket!

Cigna Wellness Program 2019

Do you have a question or issue with Cigna SchoolCare?  The first two folks to email would be Jeff Kantorowski, Jessica Campo and Jana Dalton.  They have been extremely helpful in rectifying issues that have cropped up and correcting any mistakes.